No Bar

NO Bar provides a far higher level of protection than film alone, by maximising the effectiveness of the security film. It is a major improvement in window hardening, and is a good solution for protecting against low to medium blast pressures and or “smash and grab” type crime.

“No Bar” is manufactured from a high grade aluminium profile, and comes in any standard aluminium colour.

The “No Bar” system will withstand fire and hold the glass in the frame for many minutes. By keeping the shattered glass intact within the frame, and adhering glass fragments to the film, No Bar deters forced entry, reduces injuries from shards of flying glass, and prevents windows falling into interior spaces and causing bodily harm.

In live full scale blast testing trials, No Bar has exceeded GSA level C and D blast levels. No Bar provides protection up to 10 psi and 91.6 psi*msec, outperforming competitors anchoring systems.

Advantages of the product:

  • No Bar prevents the glass window from coming out of its frame.
  • It is corrosion and maintenance free
  • It can be installed on all window frames, including curtain walls
  • The system is fully transparent and allows a clear view
  • The aluminium profiles are colour matched to your existing window frames
  • No Bar can withstand repeated blows by a crowbar, bricks or pipes, deterring would-be criminals, and providing an aesthetic alternative to window bars or shutters.
  • Provides vital minutes of protection from attack by Molotov cocktail or arson.



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