Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

How long does the Conversion process take?
It’s funny, it sits in the attic, in a dusty box, under five other boxes for 22 years, with all the time in the world. But, when it comes out for conversion it starts to get very exciting! Tape and film is analogue. Converting it to digital happens in real time. We approximate 1–2 weeks for small tape transfers and 4-5 weeks for large film transfers. Please let us know if your requirement is urgent and we will endeavour to work within your schedule.

How many video tapes will fit on one DVD?
You will receive up to 2 hours of video or camera tape on to one dvd; so for example if a video runs for 3 hours, the first two hours is transferred to the first DVD, and the third hour is transferred to a second DVD.

Do I get my original video tapes / films back?
Yes. The process is non-destructive, and all your original tapes / films will be returned.

How long will my VHS video tapes last?
What we know, is that video tapes will deteriorate or time and usage. Simply said, tapes are made up of magnetic particles (metal oxide) glued to the poly tape. By playing the tape, it rubs against the heads and eventually the oxide becomes damaged or separates from the tape. Damage to tape is permanent.

How long will my DVD’s last for?
With proper care it is believed that DVD’s can last in excess of 50 years. The true benefits you will receive are bringing your movies to a digital format, easy to duplicate and backup, easy to convert and make ready for a home media center.

Can I edit the movies on my new DVD?
The DVD disc is not a re-writable format. The procedure we advise is to first convert your movies to DVD. This gives you a solid backup and a convenient way to review your movies. Step two is to then convert your movies to an AVI (PC) or MP4 (MAC) ready for editing. Please visit the pricing page to view the section “for editing.”

What software should I edit my movies with?
Firstly, let it be said that we offer an exceptional service for editing at an affordablerate. If you really want to edit your movies you have free options, consumer options and pro versions. You will need to carry out some research for the best fit, looking at your computer processor, ram installed, hard disk space available and type of computer. Please note that video editing is extremely taxing on your system and can take 10’s of hours to produce a final product.

Can we pay by credit card?
Yes, we accept cheque, EFTPOS and Direct Debit. Visa, Mastercard and Amex have no charges with payment!