Why DVD and USB (mp4)

Converting your Home Movies to mpg4 (computer movie file) has many benefits like:

• Quick navigation through your movies

• Easy to share (drag and drop to any computer)

• Watch on media centre/Apple TV, USB in TV etc

• Watch movies on your computer, iPad, phones etc

• Trim parts of the movie for slideshows or to share

• Easy to backup to multiple drives, cloud, local or anywhere in the world

• Fast and easy access to all your movies

• Name your movies as you like (you can start with the year so they list in order)

• Add additional information (meta tag) to your movie file (i.e. date, time, location, genre etc)

The DVD is a solid backup on a disk that can’t be overwritten, so it’s best to sit secure in a cupboard as your backup.

The mpg4 (computer movie file) is great for watching, cropping, sharing and using. It’s fast and accessible.

Both DVD and mpg4 files are important for a secure and user friendly experience!

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