Glass Protection


It is well known that glass fragments are one of the main causes of serious injuries in a blast scenario. Windows are also often the weakest point on a building, allowing criminals to force their way into the building without much resistance.

It is generally believed that the way to protect glass from becoming dangerous flying fragmentation is to install “film” onto the window.

Through extensive analysis and testing GK solutions has recognised that “film” alone does not usually provide adequate protection. There is no doubt that “film” provides a better level of protection than annealed glass alone, but we at GK Solutions are able to offer several solutions that can significantly improve your safety and protection by adding one of our three specialised products to your existing windows.

GK Solutions is proud to present Al-Sorag’s specialist glass protection systems to the Australasian market. Our products have been subjected to extensive trials and test programmes by a range of organisations. GK Solutions’ glass protection options provide the highest levels of protection where a retrofit is required. Our products are in use by government agencies world-wide on order to protect people and property against the hazards of blast, impact, natural disaster and violent crime.

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